What is the Perfect T-Shirt For Men?

It seems so simple. A plain, casual, cotton staple but for most shoppers, the perfect T-shirt is all too elusive.

Whilst brands focus on designing good looking prints to go on their t shirts, Muslce Fit Basics have gone back to basics, focusing on creating a perfect version of the simple t-shirt. Pulling on the brand's ethos of producing minimal collections with meticulous attention to detail, sueded cotton with interior shoulder to shoulder self taping has been introduced for comfort. The sleeve length and the fit of the body have also been carefully considered, making sure materials falls correctly no matter what the body type. The t-shirts are available in a range of colours, as well as both crew neck and v-neck versions.

The push for perfection has led to higher prices for some t-shirts. While most basic t-shirts run from about £10 to £40, a mid-price tee from a contemporary casual fashion label like "James Perse" or "Vince Can" now cost between £50 to £150, and a number of designer labels sell plain tees for more. A seemingly simple T-shirt from The Row, the luxury line founded by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, costs £260. We've actually compiled a list of the "top 5 most expensive plain t-shirts for men", you'll be extremely surprised at how much some companies are charging for a plain cotton t-shirt.

We aim to disrupt the industry by making incredible basics which are hand crafted from the worlds finest fabrics and offer this to you for a transparent price.

What are the best plain t-shirts for men?

Instead of buying ridiculously expensive, try ridiculously comfortable, fitting and built to last t-shirts. The Muscle Fit Basics tee is free from logos, branding and other unnecessary complications and is beautifully minimal. The t-shirt has been made from the most premium of materials and comes with a one year guarantee as standard, our t-shirts will never lose their shape or shrink in the wash. Learn more about the t-shirt that the press are calling 'the best t-shirt for men' and upgrade your wardrobe with luxury t-shirts without the luxury price tag.

Muscle Fit Basics are t-shirt experts based in the UK that specialise in the highest quality, ethically certified and best fitting staples for the modern day man. We are obsessed with engineering functional exceptional basics for the modern day athlete. Our primary focus is the build quality and fit of the staples we produce, we aren’t interested in designer logos, branding or graphics. There are three simple reasons why the Muscle Fit Basics t-shirts are better than the rest; the cut, the fabric and our promise.


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