the MUSCLE FIT® 365 collection

Perfectly fitted, comfortable and built to last with a 365-day guarantee—we designed these staples to be your go-to basics, whatever you've got planned.

The 365 Classic Fitted T-SHIRT

The best selling revolutionary Muscle Fit® Crew Neck T-Shirt, an all time favourite staple that looks great with everything and has stood the test of time. Built with 250gsm organic brushed cotton, this midweight staple is super soft, comfortable and versatile.

The 365 Classic Fitted V-Neck T-SHIRT

The best selling revolutionary Muscle Fit® V-Neck T-Shirt, an all time favourite staple that looks great with everything and has stood the test of time. Built with 250gsm organic brushed cotton, this midweight staple is super soft, comfortable and versatile.

The 365 Pique FITTED Polo

Our Polo has been expertly designed to be your go-to polo, whether thats going out with friends, attending events or working from home. You'll find our rendition of the pique polo to be breathable, lightweight and wonderfully comfortable—every gentleman should have at least a few polo shirts in his wardrobe.

The 365 FRENCH TERRY Fitted joggers

The ultimate in casual wear; whether that's travelling, working or lounging at home these joggers can do it all. Designed to be incredibly comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and robustly functional.

We’ve got the answers for your questions right here

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The term "Muscle fit" is a type of clothing fit that aims to be tighter around the muscular areas of the body but in many cases the shoulders, chest and arms. The Muscle Fit isn't intended to be super tight or restrictive, it aims to be the perfect fit for those that take pride in their appearance. You can typically buy "muscle fit" clothing, and in rare cases "athletic fit" clothing in t-shirts, polo's, joggers and various other clothing types.

There should be visible differences between a "muscle fit" and a "slim fit". The "slim fit" is extremely tight throughout the garment and sometimes restricts natural movement. On the contrary, muscle fitted clothing is tailored around specific areas of a garment such as the arms, shoulders and chest for t-shirts without restricting natural movement.

Classic fit clothing is boxy and isn't designed to fit the areas of the body that matter most. The muscle fit by muscle fit basics is tailored to fit the way clothing should and eliminates excess materials for a more aesthetically pleasing look. The muscle fit isn't supposed to extremely tight and restrictive, this type of fit would be better described as "slim fit".

We would say that muscle fit clothing is designed for those that want a better fitting clothing, our "muscle fit" isn't to be confused with "slim fit" and is more tailored to fit you the way clothing should. Muscle Fit Basics produce clothing that simply fits those that wish to highlight certain areas of their physique.

We generally recommend to order your normal size as the sizing of our Muscle Fit clothing aims to be in line with standard clothing sizes and fit true to size. If you are unsure and would like more information, please visit our sizing and measurement page and use our sizing calculator to find your perfect muscle fit size. We also have some handy tips for measuring your body and size that could be useful. You can also contact us by emailing or visiting our contact page.

After we've received your order we aim to get your parcel out within 1-2 working days. We are located in the UK and all orders are shipped from our warehouse in Milton Keynes, England. You can find more information about delivery by visiting our shipping and delivery page.

We offer a hassle-free returns policy and you are able to return your items for a refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving your items.


The fit of our clothing is meticulously considered and individually tailored so that materials fall correctly into place. These pieces are expertly fitted by hand and aim to eliminate any and all unwanted bagging.

We believe that a clothing should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing so we have tapered parts of the garments ever so slightly so its not restrictive for everyday wear.

We visited and sampled fabrics from the best factories worldwide in order to make t-shirts that were unmatched in terms of quality, comfort and fit over a 365 day period. The fabric that stood out and won the most rigorous of tests was ethically sourced and organic brushed/sueded cotton. Brushed cotton is traditional process that achieves unparalleled softness and works by gently refining the fibres of the fabric by hand. This can only be achieved with the highest quality long fibred cotton.

To ensure our clothing last for years to come and keep their shape we've built them with durability in mind. The inside of our tees are reinforced with self interior taping which extends throughout our garments.

The craftsmanship and quality of materials used are the reason we confidently offer a 365-day guarantee. In the unlikely event that any of our basics develop a fault due to wear—don’t worry about it. We’ll replace them with a new one.