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tailor fitted, 100% Supersoft cotton & built to last.

Expertly made t-shirts that are built to last.

Our t-shirts are expertly fitted for both mobility and comfort, using only the highest grade and ethically sourced cotton to build them. The t-shirts we craft are 3x heavier and 5x softer than traditional 'premium' tees. — Learn More

Handmade & Tailor Fitted

The Fit
The fit of our t-shirts have been tailored around the chest, shoulders and arms to eliminate unwanted bagging.

100% Supersoft Heavyweight Cotton

The Fabric
Our tees are made using 100% heavyweight sueded supima cotton, this is the highest grade cotton in the world and achieves unparalleled softness and comfort.

Built to Last

The Promise
All of our t-shirts come with a 1 year guarantee as standard. Built with durability in mind, our t-shirts will never lose their shape or shrink in the wash.

The Crew


The Vee

Not too low, not too high.

Our Most Recent Reviews


Lovely T-shirts. They have become my wardrobe staple, and nothing comes close to them with regards to fit, quality and durability. Buy one to try the size, and then load up on them. That's what I've done, and I'm pleased that I have.

"My go-to wardrobe staple"

London, UK


I’ve been down the Calvin K and Hilfsgeräte route so many times and had virtually given up wearing thin T shirts that simply lose their shape. Then I discovered these Muscle Fit T shirts. I bought three to start with and loved them. They always fit well. They wash and iron easily and they keep their shape... So I bought six more. And I’ll buy more again when I need to. I know this review sounds as if I work for the company but I don’t. These are truly the best T shirts I’ve ever bought in my life!

"The best t-shirts you'll ever own"

Manchester, UK


Okay, let me start by saying I was skeptical at first - it's just a plain t-shirt and it costs $49! But after receiving them and trying them on, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to realise these shirts are a cut above the rest. The fabric is heavyweight, soft and of obvious quality and it fits damn near perfect. Now, I have to buy the lot - great product, massively recommend.

"Outstanding fit, quality & fabric"

Los Angeles, CA


I've owned my fair share of white v neck t-shirts but this one is the best by far - the white is super white, the quality is phenomenal and the durability is impressive - I can throw them about, use and abuse them and after a wash they are back to normal. They're really soft too!

"The best white v-neck t-shirt ever"

Houston, TX


I'm very happy with my purchase. After buying this T-shirt, I went on to buy a few in different colours. They're very well made, and most importantly, they fit well. They seem to made to last well, unlike pretty much any other T-Shirt I've bought online previously. They wash and iron well too, which is a bonus. They can be worn casually, or dressed up to make an understated yet elegant outfit. A really nice well fitting Tee and a pair of jeans can look amazing, if they're good quality and fit well. It is a versatile piece of clothing, and a wardrobe essential in my opinion. I'd highly recommend them to all.

"Highest quality t-shirts"

London, UK

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