Muscle Fit® 365 T-Shirts

Our Muscle Fit® t-shirts are ethically made using the highest grade organic brushed cotton, expertly tailored for the perfect fit and are built to last with a 365-day guarantee.


    The 365 muscle fit T-Shirts

    The fit of our t-shirts have been carefully considered so that materials fall correctly into place even after multiple washes and uses; The sleeves reach the midway point of the bicep and are expertly tailored to eliminate unwanted bagging.

    We believe that a t-shirt should be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing so we have tapered the lower part of the t-shirt ever so slightly so its not restrictive for everyday wear.

    We visited and sampled fabrics from the best factories worldwide in order to make t-shirts that were unmatched in terms of quality, comfort and fit and then rigoriously tested them over a 365 day period.

    The fabric used to build our tees is ethically sourced and made from 100% organic brushed/sueded cotton. Brushed cotton is traditional process that achieves unparalleled softness and works by gently refining the fibres of the fabric by hand. This can only be achieved with the highest quality long fibred cotton.

    To ensure our t-shirts last for years to come and keep their shape we've built them with durability in mind. The inside of our tees are reinforced with self interior taping which extends throughout the garment, the neck on our t-shirts are much thicker than average which keeps the whole t-shirt structurally intact.

    The craftsmanship and quality of materials used are the reason we confidently offer a 365-day guarantee. In the unlikely event that any of our basics develop a fault due to wear—don’t worry about it. We’ll replace them with a new one.