Top 5 Most Expensive Plain T-Shirts for Men

Top At Muscle Fit Basics, we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best quality 100% cotton and tailor fitted premium tee's for affordable prices. That got us thinking, what ridiculously expensive T-Shirts are out there? Why is it so expensive? Is it worth the price?

So we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most expensive men’s tees. These are five tees that start at £115 and catapult to a tear-inducing amount that you simply will not believe (we've added screenshots for proof). We find that 4/5 of the tees are made from 100% Cotton and the most expensive of the five use the same materials that we use to build our tees.

But are they worth it? Let’s find out.

5. Maison Margiela Plain Cotton T-Shirt (£115)

'White cotton-jersey T-shirt is reinforced at the back of the neck to prolong its longevity. Slip yours on with selvedge denim, or opt for a smart weekend look with a blazer and chinos.'

Maison targets the posh crowd who are looking to spend a few more pennies than your average consumer. The fact of the matter is that they use standard cotton to build their tees and your high street tees wouldn't be that different.

While this tee is the least expensive cotton jersey on the list, we think it’s still ridiculous to drop over £100 on one premium quality Tee. It doesn't matter how its made, nothing can justify the price unless it was built by unicorns in santas workshop nevertheless standard cotton and a classic fit is no match for sueded with a tailored muscle fit.

(Tip: For £115, you could fully revitalize your entire t-shirt collection with some tees from our tailored muscle fit sueded cotton range. You’d even get free shipping.)


4. Valentino Plain Cotton T-Shirt (£185)

Made in Italy the Valentino tee comes in at number 4, which is incredibly scary considering the whopping £185 price tag. Valentino can be forgiven for offering 30x more than the average plain tee as they come with a 'logo stud' on the back on the shirt, similar to something you could get from Tesco's for 0.99p.

While having a stud on the back of your t-shirt may make you believe you are incredible and something of a hybrid creature this tee doesn't offer anything revolutionary. The cotton is clearly of standard to poor quality, even though its made in Italy as you can see the models jeans through the tee. If you are looking for lightweight cotton tees head over to Primark, you can get a load for £5.00.


3. Alexander Wang Sueded Cotton 'T' (£380.89)

We will hold our hands up and admit that Alexander Wang has a T-Shirt that is basically the same as ours. We both make our Tee's using sueded cotton and we both prefer the tailored fit. So what is the difference between Mr. Wang's T and ours I hear you ask? Alexander Wang's 'T' has a special 'welded chest pocket' feature and it is up to you if you would like to pay an extra £264 for it.

'Alexander Wang is the unofficial king of casual cool and this T-shirt, by diffusion line T by Alexander Wang, ticks all the boxes for effortless off-duty style.' It most definitely is the king of something but I don't think it would be correct to say what that is on a public blog.


2. Dior Homme Sueded Cotton Blend 'Short Sleeve' (£380.89)

What can be said when there is a clothing brand charging the same amount for a plain t shirt than you would be expected to pay for a Playstation 5 brand new with 2 games and a controller. Let's be completely honest there is nothing special about this t-shirt and seeing as its made from a cotton blend and not 100% cotton, we are bemused by the price.

It doesn't matter how great a T-Shirt maybe, this is going to far isn't it? It must have been made in the future and sent back in time to kill the machines.


1. Valentino Plain T-Shirt (£2,790)

You are now looking at the most expensive plain tee, behold the ridiculously expensive 'Valentino Plain T-Shirt.'  If you have three grand laying around and are dying for a plain white t shirt, this might just be for you. Oh, you'll also have to pay for shipping so that's something to consider if you've lost the plot and are actually thinking of adding this thing to your wardrobe. We've even added a screenshot of the price for proof, just in case you thought this was a sick Aprils fools joke. 



For the price, you’d assume an 80-year-old Italian tailor crafts these by hand in his Venetian villa and delivers them to your door — Sadly, there’s no evidence to support this. The cotton used to build these t-shirts are the same as these ones by us but are 7500% cheaper (we used a calculator).  Nothing will justify this bloated, gargantuan and disgustingly hefty price tag.


What are the best fitting plain t-shirts for men?

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