About Us


Upgrade Your Basics — Eliminate the unnecessary and perfect the essentials.

Muscle Fit Basics are UK based clothing experts that specialise in the highest quality, ethically certified and best fitting staples for the modern day man. We engineer basics that are exceptional, one staple at a time.

Our primary obsession is to build and produce well fitted and high quality basics that are complete upgrades and replacements to what you already have in your wardrobe.

We aren’t interested in designer logos, branding or graphics and have three reasons why you should consider upgrading your basics; the cut, the fabric and our 365-day promise.

The Cut
Handmade & Tailor Fitted

The fit of our basics have been carefully considered, making sure our each aspect of the garment fall correctly into place no matter what the body type.

We believe that clothing should be mobile, functional but above all else the highest in quality and workmanship.

the fabric
Organic and Ethically Produced

We're obsessed with quality, so much so that we've spent years testing and sourcing fabrics from all over the world so that you can wear the highest quality basics with confidence. We only work with ethically certified® factories and only use the highest grade materials to build our staples.

Most of the clothing we produce is built using ethically sourced heavyweight suede cotton which achieves unparalleled softness and comfort. Also known as "brushed cotton", sueded cotton is a traditional process that strengthens and softens the fibres of the garment, this can only be achieved with the highest grade cotton.

365-Day Guarantee

To ensure our basics keep their shape and last for years we've built them with durability in mind with a 365-day guarantee.

The clothing industry is not what it used to be, with fast fashion taking over and causing unnecessary issues for the environment. Not only are these outlets high priced but many times they are designed to break, lose colour or develop holes after a few washes—we promise our basics will never have these issues.

muscle fit basics - built to last

Everything In A Nutshell

We make clothing from luxury materials that are hand crafted by exceptional tailors and offer this to you for affordable prices with a 365-day guarantee. We believe you should pay for the quality of the garment and not its designer logo. How do we achieve this? We eliminate the unnecessary and perfect the essentials.