In this Episode of the #tobemybest series, we sit down with graphics designer, influencer and clothing designer Sam Fenton to find out what he does to be his best.

What do you do and what goals are you working towards?
“So I’m currently a graphics designer and a influencer, my Instagram lies around fashion and lifestyle but mainly my interest is in fashion and starting my fashion label which will be a Urban Streetwear.”

How do you stay motivated?
“I’m a big believer of a to do list, I think it's a great start to your day, getting things jotted down and just getting the things on the list sorted and if i get them done then I’m happy.”

Which habit are you trying to improve?
"Focusing too much time on things that are less important than what my goals are and trying to do so many different things and just focus all my time on that one thing and then move on.”

What do you do for exercise?
“So I’m a member of my local gym, I mainly focus on high intensity training so like cross fit and just maintaining like an athlete look and also eating healthily when I can."

What is on your bucket list to try next?
“I'm a big fan of travelling and seeing the world before you get to that point in your life when you have too many obligations; house, kids etc. So I’m trying to get out my comfort zone and try and get out there and explore the world.”

What motivational advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?
“If I was speaking to myself, I’d give myself a couple of slaps and say stop focusing on everyone else's life and focus on your life and everyone is at their own pace and trying to compete with other people's lives is a no-go just focus on yourself.”

Watch Sam's #tobemybest Episode here:

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