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Start by using our sizing calculator tool below to find your recommended t-shirt size. Simply input your 'height' and 'weight' and in seconds we'll be able to tell you our recommended t-shirt size for Muscle Fit Basics apparel. Don't know your 'height' in cm or 'weight' in kg? You can switch between 'metric' and 'imperial' measurements by clicking on your preference.

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Recent reviews from our customers


Lovely T-shirts. They have become my wardrobe staple, and nothing comes close to them with regards to fit, quality and durability. Buy one to try the size, and then load up on them. That's what I've done, and I'm pleased that I have.

Richard James

Los Angeles, CA


I'm very happy with my purchase. After buying this T-shirt, I went on to buy a few in different colours. They're very well made, and most importantly, they fit well. They seem to made to last well, unlike pretty much any other T-Shirt I've bought online previously. They wash and iron well too, which is a bonus. They can be worn casually, or dressed up to make an understated yet elegant outfit. A really nice well fitting Tee and a pair of jeans can look amazing, if they're good quality and fit well. It is a versatile piece of clothing, and a wardrobe essential in my opinion. I'd highly recommend them to all.

Zachary Lee

London, UK