Introducing: The Perfect Fit V-Neck

"The only v-neck worth wearing"

Perfectly fitted, unbelievably comfortable and built to last, we designed our tee to be your go-to t-shirt — whatever you've got planned.

The perfect fit, everytime.

Each detail has been meticulously considered to ensure that the materials drape and fall into place perfectly, even after more than 50 washes.

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Highest grade, unparalleled comfort.

We're obsessed with comfort and that's why we only use the highest grade, ethically certified cotton to build our staples.

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Built to Last with a 365-day guarantee.

We are so confident in the durability of our t-shirts that if you experience any shrinkage, damage or loss of shape we'll replace it free of charge.

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"The most comfortable and best fitting v-neck t-shirt in the world."

What the media thinks of Muscle Fit Basics

"Muscle Fit Basics are changing basics for the better. Gone are the days of having to buy branded clothing for high quality, fitted apparel. Feeling confident in clothing without logos is a game changer."

"Muscle Fit Basics have perfected basics for the modern day man. Built with the best materials, expertly fitted and a 365-day guarantee. Who wouldn’t want to upgrade their basics?"


"These t-shirts are the only t-shirts worth wearing. We love the fact that there are no visible logos, fit great and they don't shrink in the wash. These guys didn't invent basics but they have made them better!"

"Muscle Fit Basics build perfect basics, one staple at a time, for the modern day man. The search for the perfect t-shirt both for quality and fit is well and truly over. If you are looking for the best tees then look no further."