In this Episode of the #tobemybest campaign, we sit down with TV Presenter, YouTuber, DJ and Personal Trainer Tyler West to see what he does to be his best.

What do you do and what goals are you working towards?
“I’m a TV and online presenter but I don't think that justifies exactly what I do, I work with various different brands (MTV, Lego, Blue Peter, CBBC, Match of the Day) as well as that I’m also a DJ and personal trainer, it's fair to say I like to keep busy with the work I do. The goals that I work towards, in a sense, I think there’s more of a checklist, there’s not really an end term goal, another goal pops up and another goal pops up then I don’t really know where to drive my focus. So I kind of prefer to make a checklist of things that I just love to achieve in my work and change the world bit by bit as I can.”

How do you stay motivated?
“Just remembering and realising exactly why started, I think that's the most important thing to keep you grounded and humble and also keep your drive at an all-time high. Thinking back to times of my mum, she was a single mum bringing me and my brother up, she did an amazing job and she's a sole focus and drive behind some of the work I do today. It's little things like that, a collection of memories from my past to keep me going, keep me motivated and just the idea that if you stop you could have kept going a little bit longer and something amazing could have happened. it's the idea of the unknown, it’s like always say if you wait at the barbershop long enough, you’re going to get a haircut.”

Which habit are you trying to improve?
"I'm trying to improve the balance between work and rest I think I like work, work, work and don't really know when to switch off and that's like my biggest pro and con at the same time. Finding the balance is really important because that means you keep your head level, keep going and the work that you produce is quality rather than quantity. Sometimes you can fall behind because you want to work, work, work but if you're not actually rested and you're in the right frame of mind it’s going to be rubbish. So I'd rather be producing quality work than one just trying to create a quantity of work, quality always comes on top.”

What do you do for exercise?
“For exercise its just embedded in my lifestyle to be honest with you. I train about 5 to 6 times a week and that's a mixture of weight training, cardiovascular training and cross fit training. I also run a community fitness class and take PT clients as well so it's quite an active job that I work on a day-to-day basis. The 5 to 6 times a week keeps me grounded, keeps me focused and I feel like if I’ve been to the gym then I've had a productive day no matter what happens after that.”

What is on your bucket list to try next?
“Next on my bucket list to try, in my work it's radio and a certain few areas and I’d like to tap into film. In day to day life it’s travelling - it’s Singapore, Thailand it’s these beautiful locations around the world. We are this tiny dot in the universe and I think once you start seeing the world and taking a moment to take it all in, that's when you’re living life.”

What motivational advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?
I would tell my younger self to don't worry as much, I would spend a lot of time sitting there worrying, panicking, overthinking and being very anxious about things that in the end didn’t really matter. I would say that and having a positive mind-set amongst all will keep that drive high and think about how much you will achieve when you just dedicate some time to it.”

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