Austin Dunham speaks with us and answers 5 questions on his goals, motivations, things he wants to improve, his favourite exercises and what's on his bucket list. The #tobemybest campaign covers how the worlds leading influencers tackle day to day issues and what they do to improve themselves everyday.
1. What do you do and what goals are you working towards?
I am a social media fitness instructor - trainer. I Vlog, entertain and teach about fitness specifically callisthenics. A unique style of training involving only your bodyweight. I have a few goals I am working towards. Fi2tness, Life, and Business. Fitness involves learning harder more complex bodyweight skills and strength moves. Life at the moment I'm hoping to graduate with my bachelor's degree in business in December. Lastly, business I plan to come out with more products and programs to help shape people into their best versions of themselves.
2. How do you stay motivated?
I've stayed motivated by sharing my progress on social media and keeping myself accountable through it. At this point I have thousands of people watching me so it's pretty easy to stay motivated. But back in the early days I literally was just obsessed with working out and recording videos.
3. Which habit are you trying to improve?
I really wanna improve looking at my phone so often. Even though my job stems around social media, sometimes I find that it consumes my life and I will be on my phone checking notifications hours each day.
4. What do you do for exercise?
A combination of callisthenics, weighted callisthenics, and weightlifting.
5. What is on your bucket list to try next?
 Travel multiple countries! I just got back from the Middle East and it was an amazing time.
Austin's YouTube video for Muscle Fit Basics: