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Join us in helping inspire and motivate the world by sharing what you do to be your best. We're proud of the t-shirts we produce but it's not about our brand it's about your brand. The #ToBeMyBest campaign celebrates your journey in an effort to fight against social media depression.

At Muscle Fit Basics, we hate branding, logos and trademarks, we want you to feel comfortable in who you are and our mission is to build your brand. The only reason the rich and famous wear a certain brand is because they are affiliated to that brand financially, in all other cases they wear plain clothing because it affects their image and brand. When you wear a plain t-shirt the focus is on who you are and not who you represent, we want to celebrate this and we want to celebrate you.

For the past three years, we’ve empowered thousands of men worldwide by building t-shirts that not only make you look great but feel great, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. Join us in celebrating your journey and share your story with others by encouraging the next generation #ToBeMyBest.

Share how your lifestyle, career, battles and strengths #ToBeMyBestand inspire others to do the same.

#ToBeMyBest Episodes

The Muscle Fit Basics #ToBeMyBest camaign will include 5 minute episodes highlighting what some of the worlds leading influencers, entrepreneurs and artists do to be their best and things they wished they knew earlier in life. 

In the first episode we sit down with UNILAD TV Presenter James Middleton as he tells us what he does #ToBeMyBest.