Muscle Fit vs. Classic Fit - What the difference and what's better?

Muscle Fit or Classic Fit?

The Muscle Fit Basics t-shirt is free from logos, branding and other unnecessary complications and is beautifully minimal. The t-shirt has been made from the most premium of materials and comes with a one year guarantee as standard, our t-shirts will never lose their shape or shrink in the wash. Learn more about the t-shirt that the press are calling 'the best t-shirt for men' and upgrade your wardrobe with luxury t-shirts without the luxury price tag.

Muscle Fit Basics are t-shirt experts based in the UK that specialise in the highest quality, ethically certified and best fitting staples for the modern day man. We are obsessed with engineering functional exceptional basics for the modern day athlete. Our primary focus is the build quality and fit of the staples we produce, we aren’t interested in designer logos, branding or graphics. There are three simple reasons why the Muscle Fit Basics t-shirts are better than the rest; the cut, the fabric and our promise.

1 year guarantee on all Muscle Fit Basics t-shirts

Handmade and fitted by expert tailors

Anti-shrink technology® to eliminate shrinkage

Structurally reinforced to keep their shape

100% 250gsm supima heavyweight organic cotton


Who knew there were so many styles of Necks? We love Necks - the weight of them, their shape, the size, and how they add a bit of personality to a classic t-shirt. A well made neck makes all the difference.


All of our clothing are hand made from 100% sueded cotton, the ultimate cotton type for t shirts due its comfort and durability. We use on average 500% more cotton per square inch to build our t-shirts which results in unparalleled softness. Did you know that Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren, Superdry, Versace, Michael Kors, Gucci and American Eagle all use sueded cotton?


We use single-needle construction for a cleaner look and stronger seam. The sleeves, neck and shoulders are interlined to give the shirt extra structure for a crisper, more cut look. We feature twin needle stitching around the entirety of the garment. We added shoulder to shoulder neck taping inside the t-shirt to add extra support but most importantly so the garment doesn't lose it's shape.



It's important that our tees fit a perfectly and that's why we have designed them to be fitted around the chest, shoulders and arms.


We choose styles that are both timeless and modern. We think trends are for suckers and you'll never find a Muscle Fit Basics shirt with a goofy logo or unnecessary flair. You won't look like every other guy on the street when you wear one of our shirts, but we mean that in a good way. We feel that nothing you wear should be louder than your own personality.


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