In the first episode of the #tobemybest campaign we sit down with James Middleton to see what he does to be his best.

“Hi James Middleton and this is my interview with Muscle fit Basics for the to be my best campaign.”

What do you do and what goals are you working towards?
“I predominately do TV presenting for UNILAD Fitness and Sports channels, I’m also an influencer and one of my big messages to people and trying to influence people is by exercising, fitness and positive mind-set to help people achieve their goals in whatever they want to be doing,”

How do you stay motivated?
“For me, motivation – I mean its such a big word but the way I stay motivated is every single morning I wake up I basically say to myself, it’s me vs me and I always want to win that battle over me and I’ve got a voice in my head telling me don’t get up, don’t work out, stay in bed but if every single day I can win that battle that’s a big motivator for me because I know I’m bettering myself every single day.”

“A second thing is being about to change other people’s lives and help people live healthier lives, through exercise, healthy eating and a positive mind-set and if I can just change one person’s life by giving them messages and showing them how they can possibly do that and that for me is a massive motivator and I want to do that to as many people as possible. “

Which habit are you trying to improve?
“To stop multi-tasking and trying to be this superhero and do absolutely everything at once, it’s difficult because I like being busy and I like being occupied but I think sometimes multitasking can feel like it’s being productive but actually it’s a lot less productive than just focusing on one thing at a time in your life, even though it feels like you’re being more productive.”

What do you do for exercise?
“I’m a big advocate of doing HIIT training, so High Intensity Interval Training’ and for me it’s the best kind of exercise because it’s a full body exercise – it can be weighted, it can be no weighted, you get a real good sweat on and your heart rate goes through the roof and you feel good afterwards, so I do a lot of hit training. I do lift weights as well to keep that muscle stature and I’m a big sports fan so at any moment I can I’ll try and play football, rugby, golf because I think it’s good to change your exercise routine so your body doesn’t get used to doing the same thing the whole time.”

What is on your bucket list to try next?
“One of the things for me on my bucket list is to experience and try other alternative forms of exercise, my mums a Pilates instructor so that’s kind of next on my list to try and master because I’ve done a lot of self-reflection in terms of keeping fit and being fit and actually as I’ve been doing that for longer it’s been less important for me about what I look like physically but how I feel mentally, things like Pilates and yoga really help with that because it’s much more slowed and controlled.”

What motivational advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?
“I would say anything you do in life, whether it’s a passion or whether it’s something that you have been made to do, give it 100% always because you never know where that effort will take you. If you give 100% then you can always walk away happy because you know you couldn’t have given anything more and I think sometimes with jobs I’ve done, with workouts, whatever it maybe because I haven’t given my all because I haven’t wanted to be doing it. But now I’ve realised that 100% effort can actually trigger a chain reaction in everything you do and if in everything you do you’re giving it 100% your chances of success and luck are enhanced so I think that’s one thing I would say to myself if I was younger.”

Watch James in episode one here:

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