We spare no details in creating our luxury tees. We use the finest materials and oversee every step of the process.
See how we do it.


We use the highest grade 300gsm suede supima ring spun combed cotton. The fabric is collected from a specialist local farm on the outskirts of Guangzhou and is rolled up, bagged and stored in cooled containers.


Before we cut the shape into the fabric we lay it out over night. This process keeps the pattern of the cotton from breaks and tears.

    We are blessed to have remarkable equipment at our factory. The laser cuts the cotton to specific measurements resulting in a more economic process.

    The double-chain stitching (what you see here) is used for keeping the shoulder to shoulder tape in place, this much detail is unusual for most t-shirts. However, to keep the size and shape of the tee the shoulder to shoulder taping is essential.

      While most brands pre-dye their fabric, we individually dye each garment. This more expensive process makes every tee unique and individual.

        After the Tees have been dyed they go straight into the dryer for curing. We also opt for the tees to be ring spun for added durability and softness.

        Our tees are pre-ironed by hand to limit the creases upon delivery.

        The tees are given a final steam and packed up ready to be shipped to us.

          Customer Reviews (2 comments)

          1. It is really good to know the quality of your materials and the process involved in making your t-shirts. But why, oh why, aren’t you shouting about it on the rest of your site?
            On your product t-shirt pages it doesn’t even mention what they are made of! I could have of course guessed at 100% cotton. But I don’t know, they could have been made of an inferior 75% cotton, 10% polyester and 5% elastane. 300gsm cotton for the price you charge is excellent and a real selling point. A similar organic cotton t-shirt retailer is asking twice the price than you for 200gsm t-shirts.
            So shout about it on your product pages.
            I hope you take me up on my advice and also see sales increase as a result.

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