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Handmade & Tailor Fitted.
Supersoft Heavyweight Cotton.
Transparent pricing.


We make clothes that are engineered to fit. We do this by eliminating the unnecessary and perfecting the essentials.

The fit of our clothing has been carefully considered, we make sure our materials fall correctly into place no matter what the body type; The sleeves reach the midway point of your bicep and are fitted to eliminate unwanted bagging. The inside self interior neck taping is extended from shoulder to shoulder, The Neck on our garments are slightly thicker than the average to maximize the life of your garment.

We believe that a t-shirt should be extremely mobile and practical too so we have left the lower part of the garment to fall naturally to compliment your individual physique.


We spent just over a year finding the best factories around the world to make our clothing—the very same ones that produce your favourite designer labels.

We use a cotton known as sueded which is a very old technique to achieve unparelled softness. ‘Sueded’ is when you gently rub the fibres of the fabric by hand. This can only be achieved with the longest highest quality cotton.


We have cut out all the unnecessary middle men, stuck to economic ways of building beautiful staples and continue to use our budget wisely, making sure not to waste a penny.

Elite brands can charge elite prices because the two go hand in hand (The Row for example charge £180 for a plain tee), even though most brands get their clothing from the same factories. We were advised to raise our prices ‘to stay inline with luxury prices’ but we simply cannot justify it.

In traditional retail, clothing is marked up by 8x by the time it reaches the customer. By being online only we eliminate brick-and-mortar expenses and pass these savings onto you.

Everything In a Nutshell

We make clothing from luxury materials that are hand craffted by exceptional tailored and offer this to you for transparent prices. We believe you should pay for the quality of the garment and not its designer logo. How do we achieve this? We eliminate the unnecessary and perfect the essentials.

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